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Jul 12, 2018

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Cardi B's $20 Target Dress Is Still Available Online | Teen Vogue

If that prediction proves accurate, the company will join the ranks of Uniqlo owner Fast Retailing , Zara owner Inditex and luxury conglomerate LVMH. The Zozosuit is meant to solve a common problem that turns customers away from shopping for clothes. Size has always been a bottleneck in e-commerce, where customers cannot physically try on clothes. Made-to-measure clothes are usually expensive and time-consuming. Zozotown's Yusaku Maezawa: punk rocker-turned-billionaire Maezawa, who admits to having difficulty finding clothes to fit his self-described short legs, believes that making size-fitting easier and more affordable will boost customers' confidence and "make them want to try more items." If his strategy is successful, it could represent a breakthrough for Japan's fashion industry, which flourished before the 2000s but has since struggled to open up wallets amid a prolonged economic decline. Avant-garde designs have been replaced by inexpensive fast-fashion brands. Start Today, which has carved out a unique market by matching trendy brands with picky customers, is looking to shake up the industry by moving into manufacturers' turf. Of the customers who received a Zozosuit, 60% actually used it to take their measurements and half of those purchased a Zozo product. "The experience [of purchasing Zozo] itself is fun," Maezawa told Nikkei in a recent interview. Zozo clothes currently are manufactured in partnering factories in China, chosen for their willingness to invest in cutting-edge systems, but "I'm thinking of doing it on our own," he said. "It would be fun to make a solely automated factory in Japan." Maezawa, a former drummer in a rock band, founded Start Today in 1998, selling his favorite records and CDs through mail-order sales.

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